Ana Macias

Knight First Amendment Institute

CLIENT: Knight First Amendment Institute
AGENCY: Codeword

I WORKED ON: Brand Identity, Logo Design, UX Concepting Web, Art Direction.

The Knight First Amendment Institute defends the freedoms of speech and the press in the digital age through strategic litigation, research, and public education.

The Knight First Amendment Institute approached us to create a brand identity for their launch into a very relevant digital space. I wanted to highlight the idea of the first amendment being a primary right by incorporating the number one into the actual wordmark. In the finalized logo, the number one acts as a nod to the "first" amendment, while acting as a subtle speech bubble to nod to voicing our freedom of speech in this day and age.


The first amendment was ratified in the late 1700s. To make sure that the identity felt modern but rooted in history, the color palette was inspired by the prominent colors of that historical era. We wanted to make sure the branding felt vibrant and patriotic, so we sampled color swatches from the portraiture in that era to round out the color palette, as seen in the brand guidelines here.


When it came to building collateral for events and for the website, a key factor included in making sure imagery was captivating.

For this event in particular, the image was created out of a 3D rendering of the word "Disrupted." Posters and programs were distributed using this key art.