Ana Macias

Good Science Beauty

CLIENT: Good Science Beauty
AGENCY: Codeword
CD: Dai Tran

I WORKED ON: Concepting, Design, Art Direction, Photography, Retouching, Animation, Styling, Package + Print Design

Good Science Beauty has made it their mission to use science to solve problems without creating new ones.

Good Science Beauty asked if we could introduce them to the world. We launched a series of paid social campaigns to build awareness, and created a full social strategy that included a monthly cadence of organic social content.

With such a blank canvas, I worked with a small team to concept monthly batches of social content to establish their online presence, and also worked on consumer-facing print collateral and packaging for shipping and influencer events.


To get a sense of what our audience was interested in, we launched our first set of paid ads.

I worked with a copywriting partner to brainstorm and pitch the first initial batch of concepts, and was able to shoot, animate and create everything in-house.

We launched our paid assets across Facebook and Instagram.


Come holiday season, we wanted to hype our audience and announce our holiday promos. My partner and I came up with a series of creative that would be eye-catching, whimsical and showcased the product front and center.


We ran the creative as paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. Photography and styling set the stage, as bright backgrounds and animated icons were added in post-production to add dimension. Personality was given to our gift bundles by creating dioramas for them to come to life, and whimsical animations added a layer of seasonal celebration.

Professional behind-the-scenes look at my still life set-up.

Professional behind-the-scenes look at my still life set-up.

I fashioned a teeny-tiny scarf for one of our products, as seen here.

I fashioned a teeny-tiny scarf for one of our products, as seen here.


Social creative became important in a saturated beauty market. Our team developed a monthly cadence and look and feel that garnered a following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My process included scheduling a monthly kick-off meeting to discuss our content calendar as well as discussing production timelines and resource management for a small team of designers and copywriters. With limited resourcing and access to models and sets, we were able to be resourceful and produce a high volume of content for all of our social platforms.

Besides helping launch their social aesthetic, I directed a small team to design the packaging and print collateral for social unboxings, and Good Science Beauty’s first ever influencer event.

A lot of thought and production went into the planning. We designed tissue paper, stickers, and print collateral that would make the unboxing experience exciting for our potential customers and influencers.